Summer 2020

Northrop Grumman - Structural Analysis Intern


Northrop Grumman is an industry leading aerospace sciences and defense company.


At Northrop Grumman I used FEA tools to analyze structural components for spacecraft. I analyzed modal                                                                                                                  behavior of components and assemblies as well as                                                                                                                            stresses within components. I also participated in                                                                                                                              structural testing and analyzed strain gage data                                                                                                                                to validate component performance.


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Summer 2019

Ausco Inc.  - Aerospace Engineering Intern


Ausco Inc., is a long standing industry developer and producer of high performance valves for aerospace vehicles. They specialize in valves for the commercial aerospace industry as well as defense.


                                                                                       At Ausco I generated component and assembly CAD files                                                                                                               using SolidWorks for heritage valves and manifolds. I also generated                                                                                         machine drawings using GD&T standards and worked with the                                                                                                   manufacturing floor to understand how precision components are                                                                                             made, assembled, and tested through quality control and assurance.


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Pidyon Controls - Product Development Intern


Pidyon Controls is a technology based start-up company with the goal of developing the safest child's car seat on the market.


At Pidyon Controls I worked on optimizing the car seat's handle mechanism by reducing weight and part count, while also considering user experience.


I used SolidWorks, and rapid prototyping to test concepts through real world models.



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Summer 2018

Posillico - Cost Intern


At Posillico Inc., I analyzed cost data from Posillico Heavy Civil construction and drilling divisions. I was responsible for tracking labor hours and material quantities purchased and used to advise management for areas of possible waste mitigation.


I analyzed data using Microsoft Excel and used VBA to write programs to generate cost reports.


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