MOOS Audio Shockmount

The MOOS Audio Shockmount is a patent pending product engineered to reduce noise and vibrations to sensitive audio equipment via base isolation when recording sound. 


The MOOS is extremely lightweight and portable and can quickly be adjusted to accommodate any size hand held recorder.


MOOS shockmount (

Pickup Trux

Pickup Trux is a patent pending product designed to make carrying a skateboard easier and more comfortable. Not only is the handle more comfortable than a traditional "mall grab" on bare metal trucks, but it makes toting heavier or larger long boards more convenient.  

Retractable Skateboard Mud Guards

I skate everywhere. It is my main method of transportation around Manhattan. But I hate riding in the rain! My pants get soaked and uncomfortable. Adding rain protection on my skateboard allows me to enjoy riding even more. These unique mudguards keep the board lightweight and compact by keeping the board width as small as possible when I carry it. 


In the future, these mud guards can even be applied to bicycles and even cars. 

Water Cooled Blanket

My client felt uncomfortable while sleeping since

his room becomes unbearably hot. He also does not like to use the air conditioner in his apartment because it is extremely costly to operate. As a method of cooling him down more effectively and saving energy, I created a water cooled blanket. The prototype shown is a scale model which is a cooling pad for a chair. 


It is predicted that a full size blanket would use 82% less electricity than a conventional air conditioner.

(650 Watts versus 3500 Watts)

Portable Shelter

The single person portable shelter is inspired by nature to create a lightweight structure that redirects the elements of nature to keep the user safe and dry.


Based on the structure of a leaf, the single person shelter is made of rods and joints which can be quickly and compactly stowed for easy carrying.