Mechanical Engineering


Formula SAE Suspension Failure Analysis

Analyzed a-arm buckling for Formula SAE car. Analysis was performed using MATLAB and Siemens FEMAP and Nastran solver. After loads where re-characterized from initial design considerations, new prototype a-arms were manufactured and tested to validate new design. 


Formula SAE Exhaust

High performance muffler to maximize engine power output and sound attenuation


Cooper Union Motorsports is a student run organization part of the Formula SAE design series where students from around the world design and build high performance open wheel style race cars and compete against each other. 



The Refugee in Flight Shelter Kit (RiFSK) is a 100% biodegradable portable shelter. Designed to be utilized in the harsh environments of Sub-Saharan Africa, the shelter is based off of the Mongolian Yurt and features a uni body bamboo frame with a waterproof wax coated jute and hemp fabric skin. 


Weighing in at under 9 lbs, the RiFSK is lightweight and can be assembled or dissembled in under 1 minute. It can also sleep up to two full size adults and two small children.


Hybrid Bicycle

Customized hybrid bicycle featuring a 3 horsepower 66cc two stroke engine. Utilizing the gear set of the bicycle, the rider has the capability of increasing low end torque and maximum speed. 



Electric Longboard

Electric longboard made from recycled electronics components