Award Winning Designs

1st Place in Physical Acoustics

Student Paper Competition 2020


As part of my work on Cooper Motorsports Formula SAE team as the exhaust system lead, I developed a muffler system for the car's internal combustion engine. The muffler was designed to attenuate noise while minimally reducing exhaust gas flow which would hinder engine performance. I developed the exhaust system using SolidWorks, Ricardo WAVE, and MATLAB, and constructed the prototype using sheet metal forming and welding. 


The prototype was tested in the Cooper Union Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory's anechoic chamber. It was then validated on the racecar and allowed the team to pass the maximum noise test at competition.


For more on this, please see the link to the Acoustical Society of America's publication page as well as my Mechanical Engineering tab in the upper left!


Application of a dual stage exhaust system using expansion chambers for Formula SAE: Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics: Vol 42, No 1 (

Voov Sustainable Footwear



Winner of Maroon & Gold Labs Grant, my company, Voov, has set out to produce the world's most sustainable footwear. The global fashion industry accounts for roughly 10% of all carbon emissions, 2% of which comes from footwear alone. 


Our patent pending connection mechanism allows wearers to change their shoe's color and material. They can even replace worn out components and wash the uppers with laundry.


                                                                                           VOOV | Sustainable Shoes (

Bladesnap Safety Utility Knife


Recipient of "Best Iterative Design Story" at MakerBot's 2017 NYCxDesign 3D printing competition. Bladesnap is a 3D printable safety utility knife which prevents the user from accidentally cutting them self. Utilizing a spring-loaded blade guard, Bladesnap swiftly and automatically locks in place after a cut is complete, making accidents a thing of the past.




 Recipient of "Best Hardware Hack" at HackCooper 2018. Competitors have just 24 hours to solve and execute a solution to a problem specified by the Hackathon. The Anti-Tennis Elbow Mouse (ATEmouse) is a 3D printed computer mouse which allows the user to position their wrist at the most comfortable position via a gyroscopic gimbal.


Some of the most common injuries in the workplace are overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow and carpel tunnel syndrome. Caused by long periods of keyboard and mouse usage, these injuries affect millions of working individuals each day.